Saturday, July 19, 2008


this summer so far has been a summer of boats. duff got a new boat and has taken us out to deer creek a bunch. also our friends, the bonners, have a boat and have been taking us out as well. its so much fun to live here in heber so close to the mountains and lakes. there is always something to do and im glad we have family and friends with toys so we can enjoy this beautiful valley!

out with the old... with the new! after 6 great years the time has finally come to say goodbye to the altima. it was a great car and is still in great shape but i was ready for a change. about 3 weeks ago i got this mazda3 and i love it!

4th of july

the 4th of july is one of my favorite holidays! i went to the parade in provo with my family then to the booths for some shopping and the classic navajo taco. brady went to the lake with his family while i was in provo then that night we went to the stadium of fire with drapers.

lake powell

its been forever since i updated my blog! i know i have been a slacker. the lack of internet connection at my house makes it alot harder to stay caught up. but we have had an enjoyable summer so far and i will hit the highlights. the best highlight of every summer is lake powell and the first weekend in june we went. and like always it was beautiful! it truly is a wonderful place to relax and i enjoy it every time. but this time was a little different. i had something horrible and spent the majority of my time in the bathroom and on the couch. i think its the first time ive come back from a powell trip actually losing weight! i usually gain a few with all the snacks! i still had a great time and cant wait to go again!

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