Wednesday, December 29, 2010

month 4


you have grown so much this past month! you have officially doubled your birth weight and are now 12 lbs 12 oz. you are starting to get chunky and we love all your little rolls. you are rolling around like crazy and cant sit still. you are very aware of everything going on around you and are always looking around taking everything in. you are giggling alot now and i have even caught you a few times giggling to yourself. its fun to hear your happy voice. after you got over your ear infection you went back to sleeping all night. you have even started going to bed almost an hour earlier which has been very nice. in all you sleep about 8 hours, eat, then sleep another 2-3. i feel like i have been able to start catching up on my sleep. its wonderful.
you are still a very pleasant, happy little girl. its been fun to watch you blossom this last month as you have been surrounded by family and friends. we celebrated thanskgiving at the cabin in timberlakes with the behling family and christmas here in heber with the drapers. you are already spoiled and everyone adores you! you enjoy your aunts and uncles and grandparents and little cousins. you smile at everyone and it makes everyone smile back. at your 4 month dr appointment you finally got your 2 month shots. the office has been out of them for the past 2 months so you were a little behind but thats ok because your legs are much chubbier now and could take the poke a little better! i cant decide if it hurt you more to get the shots or peel off the bandaids. you didnt like either very much. it made me sad to see you sad.

this week you discovered your hands. you layed on the bed for 20 minutes holding them in the air, moving them around and watching the way they bend and move. you also discovered your tongue. you have been sticking it out and curling it all day today, like you just realized you are in control of it. its so fun to watch you as you figure everything out.

Q, you continue to be the joy in our lives! you are so delightful and lively and we are soaking up every minute we get with you. you already have us both wapped around your little finger and we adore every little thing about you. we are so blessed to have you! love you lots.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

good day

one year ago today was one of the best days of my life. after a long wait, i found out that quincy was on her way. i will never forget that day.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

month 3


this post comes a little late as month 3 has been filled with sickness. this month you had your first cold and i dont know if it was more miserable for you or for me! you were sick for about a week and it was so sad to see you so unhappy. the cold was then followed by an ear infection which we just discovered. you have been so restless and fussy the last couple weeks and it makes us so gratful that you are usually such a pleasant little girl.
on october 30th we celebrated halloween. you were dressed as a glow in the dark skeleton and we went to a party at the mcphies. we watched football, ate lots of food and like always, you were the center of attention. it will be fun in years to come to dress you up and take you out trick or treating.this month you have grown up so much. you are starting to become much more active and sleep alot less during the day. you are still great in your carseat and we still take you all over the place, but you arent a sleeping newborn like you used to be. you like to look around when we are at the store, taking in all the new sights. its fun to watch you look at things and wonder what is going on in your head. your hair is growing like crazy and is alot lighter than the hair you were born with. your eyes are still blue, which i hope stay that way. you continue to smile tons and are now starting to giggle. its funny the things we as adults will do to get you to laugh, but it is worth it! we love it when you are happy.
the biggest change this month is that you got your ears pierced! you had to be 3 months old before they would do it and when you were 3 months and 1 day we were off to the mall. it was pretty sad the way you screamed when they peirced them, but you didnt cry for long once it was over and daddy cuddled you. i wanted silver balls and brady wanted diamonds, so we settled on green diamonds, which are your birthstone. they dont seem to bother you at all and we absolutely love your cute little ears! you are still a great joy to us and getting more and more fun as you learn and try new things. you are growing so fast and changing every day. our whole world has changed because of you and our family would seem so empty without you. we are so happy to have you here!
love you lots.

Friday, October 22, 2010

month 2


the second month has come and gone so fast and it has been bitter sweet. you have changed so much over the last month. you are not my tiny fragile newborn anymore. you are still small but you are definitely growing. you have filled out quite a bit and you can hold your head up all by yourself. you are almost out of newborn clothes and into your new 0-3 month wardrobe. it kindof makes me sad to see you changing so quickly and growing so fast. at your 2 month check up you weighed 9lbs 14oz and were 23 in. you are in the 25th percentile for weight and 75th for height. but the best change this past month has been your smile. its like one day you learned how and you cant stop. you smile so much and it is so cute! you have tried to laugh a few times but it hasnt happened yet. i look forward to when it does.

you are still a very pleasant, content little girl. when you are hungry you get kindof fiesty but otherwise you are very calm. you are still a wonderful sleeper, sleeping at least 7 hours a night, which i am extremely grateful for! i like my sleep and im glad you do too. you are so easy to take anywhere and we continue to take you everywhere.

last week i had to go back to work. it has been so hard to leave you and i watch the clock religiously until 6:00 when i get to see you again. when i get home i dont want to put you down. chores get overlooked and i havent been to the grocery store for weeks, but ill get caught up sometime. i dont want to miss you growing!

life with you has been wonderful. i still think about what a miracle you are to us and thank the lord in every prayer i say. my love for you is stronger than i could ever imagine and i am so happy to be your mom. i love every minute with you.

love you lots.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Heaven sent, angelic and sweet
A bundle of joy so precious and meek

An answered prayer, a soul with a seed
To grow for God, to live for a need

Works of almighty from up above
Meant to be, meant to love

For you alone are proof to show
There is a Lord, we all must know
-Stephanie C Brown
sunday october 10th, 2010 was quincys blessing day. it was a very special day for all of us and we had alot of support from family and friends. it was neat that quincy got to wear the same dress i wore when i was blessed and use a blanket made by her great great grandma jane risenmay. despite his nervousness, brady gave a beautiful blessing and the spirit was strong. i feel so lucky to have such a wonderful husband that can bless our daughter and that we share such a great love for her. i consider it a miracle and blessing from god to have her here with us. i am so proud and i love her dearly.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


last weekend we went camping with jake and megan mcphie. we were so excited to be able to use our camper trailer one more time before it gets too cold. we pulled our trailers out wednesday night so we could get a good spot then we headed out early saturday morning. it was a long drive, about 2 hours away up by the coleman basin. it was so beautiful! i love the trees this time of year and the crisp fall air. this was the view from where we were camping. we were up on a ridge looking down. it was so pretty! when we got there we went on a four wheeler ride. jake let us lead so we wouldnt be eating his dust since we had quincy and we ended up taking the wrong road. it made for a more scenic ride, but it also ended up being about 5 hours! i had quincy in the bjorn and she was a doll the whole 5 hours! she slept most of the time when she wasnt sightseeing. the rest of us were a little sore by the end but it was a fun ride.

jake and megan spoiled us with great dutch oven dinner and peach cobbler. they are both great cooks! sunday we made an awesome breakfast and did a little target practice for the upcoming hunt then headed home. it was a beautiful weekend and im looking forward to many more in years to come!

Monday, September 20, 2010

month 1

Quincy -

you are now one month old. time has gone so fast and i cant believe that we have had you here for an entire month! you are already such a joy and i cant even imagine life without you. you are a very even tempered, content little girl. you dont cry unless you are starving or cold, like when you are getting your diaper changed with moms ice cold hands. but i think you are starting to get used to that. you dont like baths so i filled the tub and took one with you and you loved that. it was fun for me too. you are a great eater and dont spit up much. most nights you sleep 6-7 at a time and i feel like i have been spoiled. you are so little and dainty and are still in newborn clothes. i cant wait until you get to 0-3 months because we will have so many more outfits to choose from. we have had to borrow newborn stuff from friends and family. you still have lots of hair and dont seem to be losing any of it yet. i hope it stays, i love it. you smiled at dad today for the first time and he felt pretty special. he loves you alot and i can already see that you are going to be a daddys girl.
you have done alot of fun things your first month of life. when you were five days old we went to thanksgiving point with your cousins makayla and behlie and saw a bunch of farm animals. over the next 3 weeks we have gone to swiss days in midway, a byu football game in provo (which you slept through like a gem!), you went on a horse ride with dad and a 4 wheeler ride up and around the field in wallsburg. we went to a movie in park city with our good friends the bonners and camping one night with dad while he was hunting. we were out of propane so it made for a chilly night but we bundled you up and you slept like a rock. you have been wonderful during all of these events and have already enjoyed life to the fullest! you are very mellow and easy to take almost anywhere. i hope you stay that way. you have met the dogs a few times and are not sure what you think but they think you taste good. they insist on licking some part of your body every time they see you.
quincy, you are truly a blessing to us, a gift from god. we love you with all our hearts and are so happy that we are blessed to have you in our lives. it has been pure joy since you have joined us and we adore every little thing about you. there are many times that we just sit and stare at you, we cant get enough. you have taught us so much about love and patience and working together and im sure we will continue to learn from you. we look forward to months and years to come and enjoying every minute with you.

love you lots.

Friday, September 10, 2010

yesterday quincy had her first real can tell how much she liked it!

she loved cuddling in the towel afterward though. shes a little dramatic but well work on it!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quincy Lee Draper

our little one is finally here! on august 19, Quincy Lee was born. 6lbs 4oz 19.5 in.

its kindof a funny story how it all happened. the night before brady and i were watching a movie and i didnt feel well so i sat in the tub then went to bed. i got up the next morning and went to work. i was in a really bad mood cause i was not feeling well and was in alot of pain. but i was the only one there from 8:30-11 so i had to go. the whole time i was there i was in pain but i had a dr appointment at 2 so i just dealt with it. it was pouring rain that day so brady couldnt work and decided to come with me to my appointment. this is the only one he has come to besides the very first appointment and when we found out the gender. i was excited he was coming and thought we could go to lunch after the appointment.

when we got to the dr office they told me my dr was attacked by a house cat that morning and was in surgery! they asked if i wanted to reschedule or see the dr that was there. it was kindof funny because i have already switched drs once because my original dr was pregnant and went on bed rest. i wasnt feeling well so i decided to see the dr that was there. good thing because when she checked me i was almost fully effaced and dialated to a 5. she told me that i was in active labor and needed to go to labor and delivery right away. i cant even explain the emotion that ran through me! i was going to have a baby that day! i hadnt even had lunch yet and i needed to go back to work. all the sudden i decided that i wasnt ready...i wanted her to stay inside! i looked at brady and he was just smiling. we both couldnt believe that it was really going to happen right then. we walked over to labor and delivery and got checked in. i got hooked up to all the monitors and then sent brady home to pack me a bag. (he had been telling me to pack one for days but i never thought she would come early so i didnt have anything ready) while he was gone they put in the epidural and everything was grand after that! within 2 hours i was at an 8 and they broke my water. we waited for about 3 hours and then the pushing began. i pushed for an hour and a half and at 10:39pm little Quincy was here!

the whole birthing process was much more relaxed and laid back than i ever expected. everything went perfectly and she came out flawless! we are so thankful for a happy healthy baby. we couldnt ask for more.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


This post is long overdue! heres a little catch up of our lives the past year...

This is a new part of Bradys wardrobe.....
brady finished his fire1, fire2 and emt courses and got on the wasatch county fire department. he is a volunteer for now and is on call. he really enjoys it and doesnt seem to mind running each time he gets a page. hopefully hell be able to get on full time someday.

This is happening to me.....
(im really not angry its just a bad pic!)

Because of This.....

after a long 2 years we are expecting our first little one! theres only 2 months left and i really cant complain. besides the nausea and heartburn the first 3 months i have had a pretty good pregnancy, it really hasnt slowed me down too much. its fun to feel her moving around inside but i cant wait to have her out here to enjoy. we are excited for the changes this new little life will bring!

This is no longer part of my keychain.... brady and i canceled our gym passes for the summer. there is so much going on we just dont get over there enough. it was kindof sad to cancel but because we did i get to enjoy this....

i have been taking the dogs out to the north fields and walking since i dont have a gym pass anymore. i am really loving being outside and enojoying the beautiful fields. its also been great for the dogs. they need it as much as i do!

This is the corner where the dogs used to sleep....

this is kindof a big deal for me, but the dogs have moved out! since we have had dogs they have always come inside to sleep. they used to sleep here in this corner by the back door and i dont know if they are more sad to not come in or me! its kindof comforting to have them inside at night and this morning the kitchen looked awfully empty. but it was also SO NICE not to have to clean up the hair before i went to work. they are big and dirty and belong outside. (i am still convincing myself of that!)

This is brady and i in St George.... we have been able to go to st george with our good friends the bonners a few times this spring. we always have a good time and i hope there are more good times to come!

that is all i have time to post for now but i will try to do better at keeping things updated!