Friday, December 16, 2011

month 16


you are such a little girl now! you have grown up so much over the last few months. i dont even feel like you are a baby anymore but a full grown kid. i am really really enjoying you and i think besides being a tiny newborn this stage is my favorite. you talk SO MUCH! at your 15 month appointment the dr asked if you were saying 3-6 words and i just laughed. you can say almost anything. you ask for juice, you say excuse you when someone burps, you say please and thank you and here you go when you hand me something. when we ask you what santa says you say ho ho ho and when we say merry you say christmas. you count to 3 and if someone says ready you say set, go! its so cute and we are having so much fun getting you to say new things.

you are still a wonderful sleeper but not a great eater anymore. we put you to bed about 8 and you dont make a peep until around 8 the next morning. its so nice not to have to get up in the night anymore. and when you go down for naps i just lay you in your crib and you go to sleep. i am still so thankful for that. but you havent been eating very well lately. you are starting to learn the things you like and the things you dont like and when i give you something you dont like you turn up your nose, shake your head and hand it back to me. sometimes if i leave you in your seat long enough you will try it by mistake and realize you really do like it. you havent been eating much of anything lately and i worry that you are going to starve, but i guess if your hungry enough you will eat.
at your 15 month appointment you finally hit your 20 lb mark, weighing in at a wopping 20 lbs 14 oz! you have 4 teeth on top and 4 on bottom and a few molars that have come in. you are still getting molars and i will be honest, you havent been very pleasant while they are coming through. im sure they hurt so i try to be patient with you. i havent changed a poopy diaper in 2 months because you have decided you want to poop on the toilet. its nice. you have your own seat and when i see you grunting we put you on the pot and get the job done.
you love pretty things. you call them pretties. not sure where you got this love because im not very girly but you love things in your hair and you love bracelets and necklaces. you love your fingers and toes painted. you are quite the girl. more than anything you love love love babies. you carry a baby almost everywhere you go and wrap them in blankies and lay them down to sleep. when you see a real baby at church or at the store you squeal with joy and want to look at them and touch them and share your things with them. you will be a good big sister. but you dont like older kids at all. anytime they come near you you scream or try to hit them. you are very independant and dont want help with anything. quincy, you are the best. i know i gloat every time i write one of these posts but you really are wonderful. you dont sit still very long but as long as we are somewhere you can run and play you are so fun. you love to wrestle with your dad and sneak up on him and scare him. you love your back rubbed and your hair played with just like your dad. you have even started calling for him when you wake up in the morning. you truly are a little draper. you have us both wrapped around that painted little finger and we love you more than we ever thought possible.

love you lots.