Thursday, August 13, 2009


the highlight of summer for me is lake powell. i absolutley love going to lake powell and thanks to duff and amy we have been able to go every year! this year it was really windy and kindof cool so i was a baby and didnt surf or wakeboard. i kindof regret it now but had a really great time relaxing.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

clark county fair

summer has gone so fast and i have been a huge slacker at blogging! to kick it off we went down to the Clark County Fair. drake showed his pig and did awesome! he won 2 ribbons. it was fun to watch him tap that pig with his cane. i had never seen that before. we also got to watch sierra clog. i didnt get any good pictures because we were too far away but she was really cute. while we were there we also got to watch steve and his dad rope in the rodeo. we love the fair and got to ride a few rides and eat alot of food. minus bradys speeding ticket (97 in a 75!) we had a great weekend!