Friday, June 6, 2008

memorial day

for memorial day my family went out across utah lake to ride 4 wheelers and shoot guns. it had rained all morning so it was kindof muddy and it was a little windy but we still had alot of fun! cade and cami loved their little 4 wheelers and mom and dad even rode for a while. brady took cami and i on a wild ride and she loved it so much, she kept saying woohoo until he hit a big jump and she hit her chin on my arm coming down. but she still wanted to ride after that, she would cry if you would go without her. i hope my kids love riding like shes does!

new lawn!

im sure all of you remember our beloved 170lb diesel who destroyed our lawn last year. well after half the summer and only half the lawn left we decided to till it up and put in a new one. the other day i looked outside and trip had taken his blanket out to lay on! i guess he was trying to give us the hint that he didnt like not having a lawn. ha ha well good for him, brady and i layed new sod last week and it is nice to once again have a pretty back yard! (dont mind the picture of trip through the dog nose smudged window)