Tuesday, November 17, 2015

three years old


Last month you turned three! I cannot believe you are three. The years have flown by. At your three year old checkup you weighed 32 lbs and were 37 in tall, making you about 50% for each. Just right where you should be. You are growing up to be such a handsome little boy and your freckles are to die for!
We celebrated your birthday by taking you to the zoo, to lunch and then to the Tractor Supply Store, per your request. That is your favorite store and you had your eye on a truck and trailer toy. I think that stop was the highlight of your day! That night we celebrated your three years here with us with a family part, complete with a BBQ, pinata and lots of presents. You were so excited about everything. Your enthusiasm is so exhilarating and it makes it so fun to be able to do things for you. You loved everything you got and finished the night with a little impromptu celebration dance.
Oh Ryder, I could write pages and pages about you. You are so full of life and keep us laughing constantly. You are silly and love to be the center of the show. You like to tease (just like your dad) and you love to play fight. You like to punch and kick and wrestle. We are trying to steer energy into a controlled fighting as we just enrolled you in Little Wasp Wrestling.
You continue to love to play with trucks and cars, but mostly tractors and fire trucks. You have also recently started getting into super heroes and like to fight the bad guys. It is so fun to watch you start to use your imagination. You love to ride your bike and can balance great! I think you are ready for a pedal bike in the spring. You still eat well and sleep and nap well. I'm holding onto those naps as long as I can! You just recently learned that you can get out of your bed yourself. You used to wait there and yell that you were up until we came and got you out. I was nice, but I love hearing your little pitter patter in the morning as I am waking up. You always come into our room for morning cuddles, my favorite part of the day.
At the beginning of September you started Pre School! You were so excited to wear a backpack and go to school like a big kid and you continue to get excited every time you go. You are learning so much and I am loving watching your mind grow. You can't wait to open your backpack and show us what did each day when you come home. Your teacher has told a few times that you have "lots of personality". You also had your first visit to the dentist. You did so well and sat so still, the dentist was amazed that you let them do a full exam without any fuss. You were so excited about getting your teeth cleaned and getting a new tooth
brush. You are enthusiastic about everything and that makes you so much fun!
Ryder, you are the best. Honestly can't believe we have had three years with you. I hope we get ninety more. You are a good boy and try your best to obey, brightening up every minute of dad and I's life. You are happy and gracious and lovable and fun and feisty. You are everything I could have dreamed of in a son. I cannot wait to see you as a big brother, as I have seen glimpses of your tender side with your new baby cousin. Daddy and I love you little buddy, with every tiny piece of our souls.You are a blessing to us and we thank the Lord for you every day.

Love you lots.