Friday, August 26, 2011

month 11 & 12


you are now one year old and i keep meaning to post your 11 month update but i cant remember what has happened in month 11 and what has happened in month 12 so im going to combine the two months.

i hate to start this post this way, but in the last 2 months you have had 2 more ear infections! you also had an eye infection in both eyes and your eyes were so swollen and drippy. you have just been miserable and so we saw the ear nose throat doctor and he recommended you for tubes. on august 16th, we took you up to primary childrens hospital and got your tubes put in. the surgery only took 10 min but we had to wait for 2 hours to get in. luckily primary childrens has awesome waiting rooms with lots of toys, but you were also fasting so you got pretty cranky toward the end. you did great in surgery and im hoping this winter will be ear infection free!
just after i did the 10 month post you started walking! you took a few steps then kind of went back to crawling for a while cause it was quicker but this last couple weeks you have been walking full time and you are getting fast! you are learning that you have boundaries and when you are doing something you know you shouldnt be doing you run! you are developing quite an attitude and have started throwing fits. you have even hit me a few times. you are most definitely not a baby anymore, but a full blown toddler. you love your toe nails painted and baretts in your hair and sit and admire yourself in the mirror after we comb and do your hair. when i brush my teeth you do yours. you think your so big.
you are full of energy and never sit still. when we are in the store you touch everything as we pass by. at church you touch everyones legs and skirts. its kind of embarassing. you are interested in everything and jabber constantly. you say mama, dadoo, doggie, woof woof, hot, uh oh and a lot of other words i cant decipher yet. you are still a great eater and are now eating pretty much whatever we eat. you will eat anything we put on your tray and the only thing i have found that you dont like is hamburger. thats ok though, i dont really like it either. some of your favorite foods are avacados, beans (green, black, kidney, you love them all), fruit and of course macaroni and cheese and anything with cheese. when you eat you rub the back of your head and leave crusties in your hair. we usually have to wash your hair after you eat. you still sleep great too going to bed around 9 and waking up around 8. rarley do you make a peep through the night, something i have been very grateful for. i dont function well without sleep.
at one year old you are 18lbs 1.5 oz and 29.25 in tall. you are in the 8th percentile for weight and 58th for height. you have 4 teeth, 2 on top and 2 on bottom. you have 2 more on top and 2 more on bottom about to break through and some molars coming also. your just a little thing and are still wearing 9 month clothes and a size 2 diaper. you are barely starting to wear a size 3 shoe which is so tiny! your feet look too little to be walking. you love water and are getting pretty comfortable around the dogs. you look at them out the window daily but lately we have been playing outside around them and even though they knock you down you get up yelling and pointing at them. you are pretty brave. one day they will listen to you. for your first birthday we had a party in wallsburg with both sides of our family. we had a bbq, rode horses and opened presents. you got lots of new toys but your favorite thing is still your "softie", your little square blanket you drag everywhere. you really like books and i have caught you a few times in your closet looking at them. you had a really cute castle cake that i had a lot of fun making and then i gave you a little rainbow chip cake of your own. you didnt like the frosting on your hands at first but then destroyed the cake turning it into a pile of crumbs. i think you had a great birthday. i know i had a good day. quincy you are still the joy of our lives. we have had you in our family for a whole year now and even though life is much more hectic with you around i wouldnt change it. you are constantly keeping us laughing and we love to watch you learn and discover new things. you already have your dad wrapped around your finger and i know he would do anything for you. you are a good little girl and we feel so blessed to have you. love you lots.