Monday, April 16, 2012

month 20


you are almost 2 years old and i cant believe how fast you are growing up. you have figured everything out and pretty much run the show. you have become very independent and know what you want. no longer can i trick you with water when you ask for juice. or give you some kind of food i know you dont like and tell you its yummy. you are too smart! you are really funny. you keep your dad and i laughing all the time. you know that you are funny too which makes you more funny. you like to tickle and be tickled. you love to growl and wrestle with your dad and you love LOVE baby dolls. you are always carrying a baby around and telling us to be quiet cause you are putting her down for "night night". you have also developed a love for being outside as it has warmed up. you insist on being outside ALL the time and when you cant be, you cry at the back door. the last few weeks its been warm enough to leave the back door open and let you go in and out as you please. you are in heaven on those days. i love that you love to be outside and i am out there with you as much as i can be.along with all the cute things you do you have also developed a nasty side. oh you are mean. you have started throwing tantrums and hitting and yelling. your dad really likes to irritate you and you guys will banter back and forth endlessly until you cry. it is kind of funny but not to you. you are very strong willed and dont like to be told what to do. you want to do everything yourself. i think it will get you far in life, but sometimes i think i know better than you and you should just obey me.
you are talking up a storm. you talk talk talk and everyone that knows you can not believe how much and how well you can talk. you will repeat everything we say and you talk in sentances. you can count to 10 in english and spanish. you sing ABCs and you love to sing happy birthday. you LOVE my iphone. you think it is your phone and know how to use it about as well as i do. you have your games on there and you are really good at them. your favorites are the wooden puzzles. you ask to play puzzles countless times a day. thank goodness its starting to get warm outside because then you dont want to sit and play the iphone all day. and trust me, you would.quincy, you continue to be our joy. i know i saw this in almost every post but it is the truth. we enjoy you so much and have become big softies to a tiny 20 lb girl. you are a wonderful addition to our lives and we cant imagine them without you.

love you lots.