Friday, August 29, 2008

back to school

brady and i went back to school this semester! well kindof.... i only have math 1050 to finally get my associates and brady only has a one credit library class to get his. i dont really like school so im not that excited to go but i am excited to be done with it. and math does happen to be one of my favorite subjects so it wont be too bad. bradys class is online through dixie state and i talked him into finishing it because i told him i would take it for him since i have so much online time at work, but unfortunately he has to take the final somewhere supervised so he will have to take the class himself in order to pass the final. :0)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


What is his name: brady draper

What is her name: angie draper

How long have you been together: we have been married just over 2 years.

How long did you date: almost 2 years.
How old is he: 26

Who eats more: we eat about the same.

Who said I love you first: honestly---i dont remember. ill just say him :0) but it was probably me.

Who is taller: brady, but not by much!

Who sings better: brady hands down! he is an AMAZING singer! i wish everyone could hear him but he is so shy about it.

Who is smarter: depends what your talking about....overall probably brady.

Who does the laundry: me.

Who pays the bills: both of us - he does the house i do the rest.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: brady does. it would be so weird for me to sleep over there. it would feel backwards!

Who mows the lawn: brady usually does but occasionally i do it. i kindof like it.

Who cooks the dinner: i do.

Who drives: brady. i really dont like to drive that much.

Who is more stubborn: brady. he always gets his way :0) im a pushover.

Who kissed who first: i kissed him first. he was taking forever to kiss me so i just kissed him. then once i did he said it was about time! i was waiting for him, but he was slow so i had to take things into my own hands!

Who proposed: he did of course. he took me snowmobiling up to tower mountain and while we were heating up our hands on the engine he asked if he could get a "snack" out of the backpack i was wearing. well the "snack" turned out to be a ring and he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. i had no idea he was going to ask me that night cause we had casually talked about getting married but hadnt looked at rings or anything. the funny thing is it was so cold i didnt want to take my gloves off so i didnt put the ring on till we got back to the truck. it was perfect!

Who has more friends: he does. funny how when you get married your friends no longer exist but become all your husbands friends wives! haha im just lucky i like all his friends wives, i consider them all my good friends.

Who is more sensitive: me for sure.

Who has more siblings: brady- he has 5 sisters and 2 brothers and i have 3 sisters

Who wears the pants: i think we both do. neither of us really dominate.

**I tag anyone who wants to do this.**

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

fair days

last week was fair days here in heber city. this is one of my favorite times of year! there was something going on every night and i only had to cook dinner once all week! it was wonderful! throughout the week we went to the hot dog dinner in the park and the grand opening of the new skate park and also to the dutch oven cookoff which was great. we went to the fair and walked around the booths but we didnt ride any rides this time. last year i went on the gravitron which was pretty fun but after that dutch oven dinner it wasnt looking too good. saturday we went to the parade and then to the rodeo. this is my favorite part of fair days! i love rodeos! for the past three years brady has done the hide race but due to the lack of a horse he didnt get to do it this year. we had a great fair days week!

bear lake

over the weekend of the 24th we went to bear lake with the whole draper family. it has been lots of years since i have been there and it was a blast! we spent most of the time at the lake on the boat and enjoying the sun and the sand. we had two wave runners one day and a water weenie the other day. ill admit i am a baby and i always get so scared to get out on the weenie but it was actually pretty fun! we had great food all weekend and lots of raspberry shakes. we also had a talent show where everyone was required to do something. well i didnt really have any talents to share so i was going to bring a painting and drawing that i did but i forgot them. i will post pictures of them soon so everyone can see my talent! :0)