Thursday, October 14, 2010


Heaven sent, angelic and sweet
A bundle of joy so precious and meek

An answered prayer, a soul with a seed
To grow for God, to live for a need

Works of almighty from up above
Meant to be, meant to love

For you alone are proof to show
There is a Lord, we all must know
-Stephanie C Brown
sunday october 10th, 2010 was quincys blessing day. it was a very special day for all of us and we had alot of support from family and friends. it was neat that quincy got to wear the same dress i wore when i was blessed and use a blanket made by her great great grandma jane risenmay. despite his nervousness, brady gave a beautiful blessing and the spirit was strong. i feel so lucky to have such a wonderful husband that can bless our daughter and that we share such a great love for her. i consider it a miracle and blessing from god to have her here with us. i am so proud and i love her dearly.


Heidi said...

She looks gorgeous!!! How fun that she got to wear your baby blessing dress. Brady did a nice job!

Amylee said...

Brady did SUCH a great job. Her blessing was beautiful. I love her simple, sweet little dress. It's neat for you to be able to share that connection with her! Quincy is indeed a miracle.

The Staheli's said...

So sweet!! It was wonderful!! So glad we were there to feel that spirit. She is so precious and you are both great parents. Love ya!!