Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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Ive been tagged.

How To Play This Game of Tag: 1. Post these rules on your blog. 2. List: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. 3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.

1. my dogs. everyone that knows me knows how much i love dogs. and i love my dogs trip and boon. they are always so happy to see me in the mornings and after work. they are also very protective of me which makes me feel really good.
2. a clean house. i am a bit of a neat freak and theres nothing that makes me happier than a freshly cleaned house! i feel like i can totally relax when my house is neat and orderly. and i love to relax.
3.hunting. this year brady did the bow hunt and i have been able to go out with him multiple times. even though we didnt get anything it has truly been joyful! we have been able to spend alot of time together camping, hiking and sitting in the trees and i have loved every minute of it!

1.mountain lions. amid all the joys of hunting i have a terrible fear of mountain lions. i have heard too many stories of mountain lions stalking and attacking people that i have terrified myself. i cant imagine how horrible it would be to be overpowered by such a vicious animal.
2.strangers. anything to do with strangers. strangers in my house. strangers in my car. me alone with a stranger. not just any stranger though. im not afraid of people i dont know. just strangers that give me a reason to be afraid.
3.speed. i really dont like going fast when im supposed to be in control. when i go too fast on anything i usually lose control and get hurt. ie: 4 wheelers, long boards, get the idea. im not good at controlling fast things and it scares me.

GOALS live within my means. i have to agree with amy on this one. it is so easy to get whatever we want with all the easily obtained credit but i really dont want to want to buy if i cant afford it. i believe we will be much happier if we can all do this.
2.potty in the corner. due to my obsession with keeping a neat and green lawn (you will read about later), i have set a goal to train my dogs to "go potty" in the far corner of the yard. i have read lots about it online and it is possible. with lots of patience and consistency i will have a beautiful green lawn again next summer! eat healthy. i have the continuing goal of eating well. i grew up in a very healthy house and learned some valuable things about nutrition. i truly believe that how we feel has alot to do with what we eat and i personally can tell a huge difference when i eat well.

OBSESSIONS back yard. this is a very strange obesession but with my 2 large dogs my back yard suffers and i have become obsessed with watering the spots that are dying from the urin. brady told me my constant watering is killing the lawn even more. he might be right.
2.ksl classifieds. i look at these classifieds all the time. whether im looking to buy something or not i am constantly looking for a good deal. i love the classifieds!
3.cheese and crackers. strange i know but lately i have been eating tons of cheese and crackers. i love to cut thick slices of cheese and eat it on a ritz cracker with a thin slice of turkey lunch meat. i will honestly eat it for lunch 3 days a week.

1.until right before i got married i hated to read. i hadnt ever even finished an entire book, nor had i read anything by choice. i absolutely hated to read. then something miraculous happened and now i love it! i am consistently reading a book and i have a huge list to read waiting for me.
2.i secretly love to play guitar hero. i didnt grow up playing any kind of nintendo and im not very good at any of these gaming systems, but for some reason i have a small obsession with guitar hero. i borrowed the game from my sister and played it almost all day sunday and by tuesday i had passed the whole game (on medium level, im not that good)! i am now a rock legend!
3.i have had the same cell phone for 3 years. its amazing with all the drops that it is still alive. and it actually looks really good. we had to replace the battery earlier this year because it wouldnt hold a charge anymore but now its great. i usually like to use things till they wear out but i think ill be getting a new phone this winter. its time.

i tag: amber, jen, melissa, laurel and mckell


Dallas and Amylee said...

I'm so glad you did this! The stranger thing was interesting... I didn't know that about you, but I totally know what you mean. Good luck with the yard. I didn't know you borrowed guitar hero- you should have called me! I recently have become obsessed with it as well. I blame it on my sister. (My bro is incredible- beat it on advanced. He also has no life.)

Chris & McKell Provost said...

Hey girl I will totally do this tag thanks it was fun to hear read yours. Hey I was driving by your house the other day and wondered what kind of bush the really red one was in your front yard. I love the color.