Friday, January 9, 2009

good times

its been a while since ive made a post (due to my workplace periodically blocking sites) but things have been really good for us. the holidays are always busy but they are a fun time. we have enjoyed spending time with family and friends and except for pushing snow all chrismas afternoon and evening we had a wonderful holiday season!

the saturday after christmas we went to my cousin julias wedding. it was a beautiful (COLD) day and the luncheon and reception were really great.
new years eve we spent the evening with tolberts and nicolls at heathers cute little homey cabin next to La Caille. we had dinner at Hoppers then went to the cabin and watched 199 Lives and then played some mad Guitar Hero. new years day we got up bright and early to keep the tradition of rabbit hunting in delta, or "bunny blasting" as brady calls it. there werent as many rabbits as last year but it was still fun. p.s. i was at all of these events, i just never end up in any of the pictures!


Dallas and Amylee said...

Pictures look great! (Except the one of Dallas is a LITTLE frightening :o)). Hope we get to see you at the races this weekend. Your blog is cute!

Jacob Jen n Behlie said...

My Behlie is so cute!! Thats a great picture of her! Love you!!