Monday, February 23, 2009

presidents day

brady and i had presidents day off so we went and played in the snow with casey, kyle, duff and kace. we went up by mayflower where someone had built some jumps and they (not me. im chicken.) took turns jumping and flipping. it was nice to take the dogs out and let them run. one time brady walked up to the top of the hill and trip followed him all the way up and all the way down! he even jumed off the jump right behind brady! i didnt see him jump because i was taking a picture but duff said it was pretty funny!


The Houghs said...

Great pics Angie. You are so talented!

The Gurney Family said...

I love how you displayed your did you get that effect. Did you just fix it on photoshop first. Those pictures are great...your trip looked so dang fun!!!

Jacob Jen n Behlie said...

boon has the cutest face!! those are awesome pictures! love you!!