Monday, February 25, 2013

month 5


Month five has been my favorite so far. Your ear infections and RSV have healed and you have become quite the guy. You are such a different baby when you are not sick. You are much more pleasant and I have really enjoyed you.

You are very observant and are starting to notice everything around you. You are getting kind of hard to feed. You twist and squirm and want to see everything that is going on. You have also started to reach your hands out for me to pick you up and I love that.
You are such a big baby! You are now about 16 lbs and starting to bust out of your 3-6 month clothes, you are wearing some 6-9 month. I was reading my blog and Quincy was 16 lbs at 9 months and was just getting into 6 month clothes! She was so tiny and you are so big!! You are getting really heavy to carry around in your carseat carrier so the other day I took you out of it and just carried you through the store. You were so content to look around at everything as you twirled your fingers through my hair. I loved it so much. That is my favorite thing you do.
You have started laughing so much now. If you are grumpy, most the time if I start laughing I can get you to laugh, or at least smile. You are really happy most the time and I love that. You have started playing with toys a lot this month and really love the ones that rattle. You shake them vigorously, often times hitting yourself in the face. You don't care, you keep shaking. You always have to have something in your mouth and you have been drooling like crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if a tooth showed up sometime soon.
Although you fight falling to sleep, I can continue to brag that you are a good sleeper. Not such a good napper (you like to cat nap), but great through the night. You are usually ready for bed by 8:30 and will sleep until about 7 the next morning with one bottle in there somewhere. I could probably let you cry and do away with that night bottle but I haven't. You are a big boy, I'm sure you are hungry. I can't wait to start feeding you baby food next month. You have started to pay a lot more attention to what we are eating and try to grab for it. I think you will love food.

You are quite the boy. You fart. You burp. You drool. You growl. You have stinky feet and dirty fingernails. You love baths. You love binkies. You love getting your diaper changed. You love your softie. You love being held. You love your feet. You love to play and cuddle. And you already love the Iphone.
I've been told that little boys are good for mamas and I'm starting to believe it. You have held my heart this month Ryder. There have been countless times your sweet smile has stopped my tears. You look me in the eyes and I know that you know what has happened. You know how fragile I am. You are patient and gentle. I know that we are going to be buds and I am so happy that you are a part of our family. We are getting really used to having you around and can now not imagine our lives without you. You have brought joy and laughter back into our home. You continue to save us.

Love you lots.