Friday, February 4, 2011

month 5


month 5 has come and gone so fast we are already to month 6. i have really enjoyed you this month as you have seemed to grow up so much! you have outgrown almost all your 0-3 month clothes and are now on to 3-6. it has been fun to bring out a whole new wardrobe. at your last appointment you were 13lbs 14 oz and growing like crazy! you are all over the place now, rolling like a little ball. we can no longer set you down and keep you in one place.
you conquered your 2nd ear infection this month and i hope you take a break before your next one. they are not fun for either of us. you have officially set your bed time for 9:30 and are pretty diligent in falling to sleep pretty close to that time every night. you have also started taking longer naps during the day which is awesome! you have attached yourself to this soft little blanket and fall to sleep so much better when you have it. its pretty started going to a new babysitter this month which we all enjoy very much. she is a beautician and always has your nails painted. im sure once your hair is long enough, she will have that done too. you are the only baby among a bunch of toddlers who adore you! when i drop you off they always squeal and come running! after the first day the babysitter said you are a very active baby and your arms and legs never stop moving. she said the other day you were laughing uncontrollably. makes me feel better about leaving you knowing that you are enjoying yourself.
you have become very busy and very aware of your surroundings. feeding you has become a bit more difficult if the tv is on or if your dad is doing anything. you want to watch and be a part of anything that is going on. you are everything we could ever want and need and continue to be the light of our lives!
love you lots.


The Staheli's said...

so cute!! Lesa said she had another ear infection. No fun. She is so cute!! Love you guys!

Lindsey @ Inspiring Creations said...

She is adorable! It's crazy how fast they grow and how their personality develops each month! Hope you're doing well. :)
-Lindsey Weight

Tracie Bramhall said...

Thanks Angie...
Love the pis!!

Lindsay said...

She is growing up so fast! Thanks for the pics, she is such a cutie. We miss you guys. Hope all is well.

JeNeal said...

OH MY GOODNESS she is getting so big She is SOOOOO very cute!! I love it! I wanna meet her :( i NEED to meet HER !!! MISS YOU GAL!!