Monday, March 7, 2011

month 6


month 6 has been a very busy and challenging month. this month has been full of sickness and you have successfully gotten over your 3rd ear infection. you have been a little monster this month and i have to honestly say that i have not enjoyed you as much as i would like to. you were the sickest you have ever been. you were so congested and had a horrible cough, you were miserable. i actually took you to the dr because of the cough and then discovered the ear infection. brady and i were also really sick this month and so i had to take care of you and brady before i could take care of myself. sometimes its hard being the mom. none of us got much sleep for those couple weeks but we made it. im looking forward to spring and hope we leave all the sickness behind. you are a completely different baby when you are sick and i am enjoying you again now that you have returned to yourself.

i know i say this every month but you have grown up so much this past couple weeks! in the midst of all the sickness you sprouted 2 bottom teeth! you are getting so active and are contantly moving your arms and legs like crazy. you roll all over the room until you get to where you want to be but you havent started to crawl yet. the babysitter said unless you are in the middle of all the kids you are so mad. you get so frustrated that you cant run and play like they do. you want to be all grown up. you are very loud and talk ALOT. you dont have a soft girly voice but its loud and raspy so its getting hard to take you places where you need to be quiet. you want to be a part of everything. i think you are going to keep us on our toes!
this month you spent alot of time in the car. you, brady and i went to st george to relax. while down there we went to logandale and visited stahelis and went to the park. you loved the swing and were laughing and squealing the whole time you were in there. we also took you swimming for your first time and you loved it! but more than the pool i think you loved that your voice echoed in the building. you kept squaking and then laughing. it was cute.
the week after st george you and i went to idaho with grandma annie to visit grandpa and grandma risenmay. again you were wonderful in the car and slept both ways. they loved getting to see you and it was alot of fun for me to spend time with my mom visiting. while we were there i fed you baby food for your first time. i decided to make all your food and bought a baby food maker that blends it really easy. we have had alot of fun trying new things and so far you have had sweet potatos, peas, prunes, apples, bananas and peaches. you love the fruit best but will eat anything. you also eat rice cereal which you seem to really like. this month we have been making the transition to bottles only. i have mixed feelings as i have slowly stopped nursing you. i am excited to move on and not be tied down to nursing but i am also really sad to not have that time with you. in all the commotion it was a time i got to sit and cuddle with you. its a time we will never share again and im having a hard time letting it go.
quincy, you are my world. even though this month has been the hardest so far i cannot even express how much i love you. you are my little buddy, my extra set of hands, my shadow. you want to be wherever i am doing whatever i am doing. my love for you grows with every new experience we have and i love you more than i ever thought i could.

love you lots.


Lindsay said...

She is so cute and growing up so fast. We miss you guys and can't wait to see you this summer!

JeNeal said...

AWW this was so much fun reading. That sucks that you guys were sick :( but she sounds sooo freaking cute! I miss those small times with lexi!! She's soo stinking cute I can't wait to see you guys when i'm in UT!!!!!

The Staheli's said...

Oh she is so stinking cute!! I am glad you are all feeling better!! We are so glad you came to visit us too!!