Wednesday, April 6, 2011

my marathon: 18 hrs 15 min

warm up started at 4:45 am with a cry from the little one. we did a quick diaper change, fed a warm bottle and went back to bed for a couple hours more of much needed sleep. at 7:30 am the alarm sounded. off to a quick start, i jumped out of bed and showered. Another cry from the little one threw me a little off course. while trying to entertain Q i continued to get ready. change a poopy diaper. get dressed. get her dressed. make breakfast. make Q's food for the day. make Q's bottles. feed the dogs. water the dogs. put food from the freezer to fridge for dinner. make a grocery list for brady. out the door. thanks goodness for a little prep the night before, my lunch was already made which shaved a few minutes off my time. i picked up the pace, dropped off Q at daycare and continued on to work.

the terrain changed at this point as i went from mom to loan officer, vault teller and member service representative. the next 9 hours went as follows: 2 hours of teller transactions. order cash. answer phone calls. answer questions. fix cash machine. rearrange scheduling issues. process 3 loans. open an account. 15 min lunch break. member service transactions. file atm deposits. 3 more hours of teller transactions. balance cash drawer. balance vault. close branch.

about 6:15 pm i returned to similar terrain i started this marathon with as i headed back toward home. i reached home around 6:20. cuddled and giggled with Q. got Q's dinner ready. changed my clothes and again picked up the pace as i headed to the gym for a workout. my good friend megan joined me at this point which made this leg a bit more enjoyable.

at 7:30 pm things slowed down a bit as i cooled down and headed back home for the final stretch. i made dinner. ate dinner. cleaned up dinner. did laundry. folded laundry. fed Q snacks. washed dishes. played with Q. bathed Q. put Q to bed. made lunch for the next day. changed the bed sheets and settled down Q again after she discovered some toys in her crib. i could see the finish line as i layed in bed about 10:30 pm and watched a much anticipated show on the DVR. i crossed the finish line about 11 pm as i fell asleep.

what a great race! i have done quite a few of these marathons and i think i will do another tomorrow.


Nisha said...

You are cute! Hope you guys are doing well. One of these days we should get together. :)

bonschkees said...

How come i had no idea! GOOD JOB!

Amylee said...

Ha ha ha. What a great way to put it! Being a mother is by far the toughest marathon ever. You are awesome!

The Staheli's said...

Thats funny u got me for a minute!! Then I remembered that is one long marathon!! Love it!