Tuesday, April 19, 2011

month 7


today you are actually 8 months old, but i am a little behind. so heres month 7 and month 8 will follow shortly.
in contrast to last month this one has been one of the best! we have successfully gone an entire month without an ear infection! you have been so happy and healthy this month and it has been wonderful. you have also developed quite the personality. you are very strong willed and know what you want. you are starting to express how you feel and have been laughing alot. you are also doing things that you think are funny and laughing at yourself. it is so cute! lately when i lay you down to change you or dress you, you have been kicking me, just one swift kick, then laughing at yourself like you are so hilarious. i grab your leg and tell you to stop and it continues till we are both laughing. somehow you remember this game and do it almost everytime i lay you down. its pretty funny. you are also getting to where if i take something out of your hands that you want you throw a little fit and squeal. you dont like it when you are left in the room alone and prefer to keep me in your sights. you are pretty good about playing by youself when i set you on the floor surrounded with toys. you especially love your little stacking cups. you are now eating baby food like a pro. you have tried a lot of different fruits and veggies and your favorites are peaches, pears, yams and sweet potatos. you like the sweet stuff best. you eat most foods ok but you really really don’t like carrots or zuccini. we will work on that. your hair is growing like crazy, but mostly just a chunk down the middle in the front. if you were a boy you would have a killer mohawk, but since your a girl it just looks funny and awkward all the time.
you are still a wonderful sleeper and consitantly going to bed between 9 and 9:30. lately you have not been wanting to be rocked but just put in your crib to play for a few minutes before you fall asleep. you are getting so active and it kindof makes me sad that you dont want to cuddled as much but it is fun to watch you grow. you always wake up pleasant with a big smile on your face. and when you are ready to get up you talk louder and louder until we come get you. you talk so much! i can really see the risenmay gene in you already!
Q, you are still such a joy to brady and i. you make us laugh continually and we still adore every little thing about you. you are my best friend and we go everywhere together. everything is more fun with you around. you are the best!

love you lots.


Todd and Holly said...

You is such a little cutie!!

The Staheli's said...

She is so stinking cute!! Love you guys. Give her a kiss for me.