Tuesday, April 26, 2011

good things

i know all my posting have been for Q lately, and although she is pretty much our life now, there are a few other things going on.

last month brady got a jeep. he has been wanting a jeep for a long long long long time. he found this blue beauty on ksl and got a great deal and he LOVES it! he has a list of things he wants to add to it and im beginning to realize why people say jeeps are money pits. but we are really enjoying it and its alot of fun for cuisin down the canyon. its been too muddy to take up on any trails yet, but we are excited for this summer.
a few weeks ago we went to st george again. it was just brady, Q and i and we had a lot of fun relaxing. it was 82 degrees when we were there and we were dying! we arent used to that yet so we actually spent most of our time inside watching movies and relaxing. we did go to the park for a little bit to swing with Q and we also went swimming and on a little hike. we only went for about an hour because Q was starting to get sunburned on her arms. we stopped and got her a hat but didnt think about her arms. we still forget about those kinds of things. kids need so much stuff! we always have so much fun when we go down there. thank you thank you thank you duff and amy for your generosity in letting us use your house!in march i ran (aka walked) my first 5k! it was sooooo windy and cold that day. it was hard, im not going to lie. i havent exercised much since i had Q and i am really really out of shape. it took me a long time. im not going to say how long, but there were 10k runners passing me at the finish line. now i have a time to beat and i cant wait to get in shape and do another one. i know a lot of runners and i hear about their races and it sounds so rewarding. i doubt ill ever be as gung ho as they are but it feels good be in shape and its something i can do with Q.not much has changed around the house for us. we are just still working and playing. brady is still doing landscaping and is loving being on the fire department as well. he has done a few shifts at the jordanelle station and would love to go full time someday. i feel like we have adjusted to being parents and we are loving having a little person in the house. we have a lot of fun with her. the other night brady was looking at something on his phone and i figured he was looking at jeep stuff or houses or something and he was looking at a pink powerwheels jeep! haha it was so funny! he is already excited to buy stuff like that for Q.


The Staheli's said...

Nice JEEP!! That will be so much fun this summer for you guys. I love the pictures of you guys and love seeing you guys in them too! You are such a cute family and have so much love.

Amylee said...

Your St. George pictures are GORGEOUS!!!! I swear, that little girl gets cuter and cuter every time I see her. If you ever need a running buddy, you know who to call- I'm not always fast :). Also, We bought our jeep back!!! We couldn't stand the thought of summer without it! It will be here on Thursday and we can't wait. We should hit some trails together.