Thursday, May 26, 2011

month 8


you have become very independant. its fun to see you being so grown up but its kindof been a challenge. the biggest change is that you have refused to eat baby food. if it is pureed or on a spoon you want nothing to do with it. you clench your lips shut and turn your head in every direction to avoid the spoon. its kindof funny but really frustrating because you refuse to eat and i worry that you are hungry. after a little while i finally figured out that you will eat anything i give if i cut it up in little pieces and put it on your tray and let you feed yourself. you love to eat and dont seem to be too picky. you will eat and eat as long as i put food in front of you and until i take you out of your chair. if you want something that brady and i are eating you smack and lick your lips until we give you some. its really cute. you still dont crawl which is nice because we havent had to baby proof the house yet. you can roll and scoot around the room but you dont get far. you are pretty content to sit on the floor and play with anything that i set in front of you. you are still mellow and easy going but you also know what you want and when you want it and sqeal or giggle to let us know.
you are very much becoming a mommys girl and are starting to get shy in front of other people. you turn your head into my shoulder and smile when someone comes up and says hi to you. i kind of like that you cling to me because it makes me feel loved! but hopefully it doesnt last because i dont want you to be shy. you are still a doll and such an easy baby. you have molded into our life so easily and we still feel so lucky to have you. our lives would be empty without you. love you lots.

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The Staheli's said...

So cute!! Love the picture those looked so cool. She's a cutie. Thanks for all the pictures and for coming down it was a lot of fun.