Thursday, May 26, 2011

easter and logandale

the saturday before easter we had our annual easter egg hunt in wallsburg. it was so fun to have a little one to participate in the hunt this year! it was snowing and freezing but we still had a bbq, shot guns and looked for eggs. easter sunday we dressed up Q in her new dress for church and gave her her easter basket. brady and i dont really do much for each other on holidays like this so i had a lot of fun putting a basket together for Q. later that night we had another bbq at drapers house. we have great family and we love getting together!on the 7th of may Makenzie got baptized so we all headed down to logandale nevada for the weekend. we got to watch Makenzie, Tyson and Sierra do their may day dances at their school. the weather was so nice and it was really fun to see them dance in person instead of on the video camera. they did great! sorry i didnt get a picture of Makenzie or Tysons outfits! after Makenzies baptism we all went swimming. it was alot of fun and we had another great weekend with the draper family. congrats on the decision to get baptized Makenzie, we are proud of you!

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Amylee said...

Those Easter pictures are the cutest things I have ever seen! What an adorable dress. I'm so glad we are finally getting to see the sun up here!