Sunday, June 26, 2011

month 9


this month you got another nasty ear infection! you havent been eating well and have been really cranky but i thought maybe you were just teething. after 3 days of fevers up to 103.7 i took you to the dr and sure enough that left ear was infected again. we got you on some more medication and you are so much happier. i think you are really starting to like the taste of amoxicillin. i hope that your tiny ears will grow and that you wont keep having problems with this. its miserable for you. you are growing so big but are still a little tike. you are now in 6 month clothes and weigh 16 pounds. at your 9 month well child check up the dr said everything looked perfect. i still thank the lord for a happy healthy baby. we are blessed.
this month you learned how to crawl! it is nice that you can now move around because you always want to be where i am. but we now have to keep a lot better eye on you because you are all over the place and you are fast! and it seems like when you are going somewhere you shouldnt you go faster! it wont be long until you are walking and running around.
you continue to be your happy pleasant little self. you have really learned to love bath time and will play in there as long as i will let you. when i lay you down to wash your hair you kick your legs furiously splashing water everywhere! you kick as hard as you can and splash water in your own face and you love it! you laugh and laugh and kick and kick. then you cry when i get you out. hopefully youll love swimming pools just as much.Q, you seem to be soaking up every minute of your life. you are so happy and content and enjoy all the new things that we drag you in to. its been a joy to include you in our everyday lives and adjusting our lives to fit yours. i dont know how we lived without you. you make our family complete.

love you lots.

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The Staheli's said...

i love the pict when you just talked about her ear infec. She looks so sad. It was a perfect pictr. She is so cute. Can't wait to see u guys!!