Sunday, June 26, 2011

month 10


this month has been a big one for you. you have learned to clap and point at things. when we sing pat a cake or if your happy and you know it, you clap. you LOVE music too. any time you hear music you will bounce your belly. you even do it in church. your 2 top teeth also came through this month! you werent as monsterous as everyone says babies are when they teeth. you were a bit fussier than normal, but not too bad. i havent seen much of your top teeth, you dont like to show them, but you love your bottom teeth and are always showing them off. you also love your tongue and have it out constantly. you curl it and flip it and love to play with it. you also love to empty things. anything that has something inside of it, you empty. laundry baskets, cupboards, bags and your favorite, the diaper basket. you have also learned where your toy basket is in the living room and love to empty it and spread the toys all over the room. you take things out one at a time and throw them over your shoulder. one day ill teach you to put things back in the baskets.
you have learned how to make some funny noises and are always talking. you can say mama and dada and no no no no no and i swear i have heard you say dog a few times. and you are starting to understand the words too because when we ask where the dogs are look right at them. you also make a fake cough noise alot. it is really loud and abnoxious but you do it a lot. you are getting a little harder to take certain places because you are so noisy and you dont want to sit still. you are a good girl you are just very energetic and adventurous. you like to pull yourself up on everything and walk around. i think you will be walking very soon. sometimes you stand without holding on to anything than fall once you realize you are doing it. Q, you are growing up so fast! you are getting really fun and interactive and we are looking forward to showing and experiencing new things with you this summer. there is a big world ahead of you and we are excited to go through it with you.

love you lots.

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