Thursday, July 21, 2011

bryce, zions & 4th

there are so many places in utah that i havent seen that i have been wanting to go to and about a month ago we went to 2 of them! we went to bryce canyon and zions with our friends jake and megan mcphie. we stayed at rubys inn and we loved it! we will most definitely stay there again next time. we hiked all day down in and around bryce one day then hiked the next day in zions. we only had time for one hike in zions but i would love to go back and see more.brady was amazing and carried quincy on his back all weekend long. i only had her for about a half hour and that was plenty long! i could barely carry my own body up some of those switch backs toward the end! brady never complained once and quincy loved it! she loves being outside and seeing new things. it was a great weekend and we cant wait to go back. the 4th of july is my FAVORITE holiday! i grew up going to the balloon launch and parade in provo and then going to the craft booths downtown. its a tradition i LOVE LOVE LOVE and look forward to every year. brady really really doesnt like parades so i took Q with me and she really seemed to enojoy it. she is already such a people watcher. we went down sunday night and slept at my mom and dads house so that we could get up bright and early. we went to the balloons, parade and booths then came back to my parents house for a bbq. brady met up with us there for lunch then we came back to heber to have a bbq with the draper family. that night we went to duff and amys and did lots of fireworks in the rain. quincy just seemed to soak up the whole day. she was up at 6 and didnt get to bed until about 11:30. im pretty sure she is going to LOVE the 4th of july too!

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Amylee said...

You are so lucky to have such an easy going baby! She reminds me of Will- he never slowed us down. Then Annie came along and that was a different story! I have never been to Zion and I want to go so bad. Maybe next year!