Wednesday, June 12, 2013

month 8


As I look back to your last post I feel like you have grown up so much this month! You have moved to eating solids and have mastered feeding yourself. You will sometimes let me feed you from a spoon, but you would rather do it yourself and try to hit the spoon out of my hand. We steam and cut up everything we eat and you will pretty much eat anything we put in front of you. You are such a good eater and will eat and eat and eat until I feel like you are done. It's nice to be able to feed you what we are eating.
You got another tooth this month and now have 2 cute little compers on the bottom. I think your tops are working on coming through as well since you are always biting on your fingers. I love your toothy grin!

You said your first words this month! You started saying Mama and Dada. I would love to say that you said Mama first, but I'm pretty sure it was Dada. Lots of times when I look at you and say, "Say Mama" you will say "Dada". Little stinker.
You are such a happy little dude. You are almost always pleasant and love to be involved in whatever we are doing. You are kind of a mommies boy and always have to keep me in your sight. Most the time if I'm around you want me over anyone else. It's ok with me, it makes me feel loved and I love holding you and watching you try new things. Plus I am getting big muscles carrying you around all the time!

You want to touch, bang and taste anything you can touch. You are so aware and interested in everything around you. You want to be involved in everything. There are days at daycare Carrie says that you won't nap because you don't want to miss anything. You are stubborn and fight sleep often. You will be falling asleep sitting up, fighting it.

You aren't crawling yet, but you are starting to scoot around on your belly to get to where you want to be. You are the yougest of most the kids you are around and want to be grown up so bad. You want to hold onto our fingers and walk all the time. I can't wait for you to move on your own, but know that when you do I will wish you were still stationary!
Ryder, you are such a joy. Your dad and I are thankful for every day we get to have you in our family. We have learned that each day is a blessing and treasure each one that you are a part of. You are getting so cute and personable and we look forward to seeing who you will become. I get nervous to think too far into the future, but I pray every night that you will never leave us and that we will get to see you grow. You have saved us Ryder, every single day.

Love you lots.


Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog since the accident because someone ask for prayers for your family. I love to open your blog & see the picture of your family, it almost looks like you are holding Quincy's hand. I know things will never be the same your lives but I'm glad to see how much happiness Ryder has brought you. Will continue praying from San Antonio TX

The Hebbs said...

Sweet little Ryder. Wish him and Poppy could play together like Ollie and Quincy are.Ryder is adorable! Hope your finding a new strength daily. love you girl!

Pranger's said...

He is a cutie!

Sam said...

Oh, that picture of him in the swing, so perfect! Such a cute little guy! Love your family:)

The Staheli's said...

He is so cute and growing so fast!! I love how you write and this will be an amazing thing for you to have for your family. Love you all lots and are always praying for you all!!