Monday, July 22, 2013

month 9 & 10

Ten months! I can't believe how time has flown! The last couple months have been hectic, so I'm combining month 9 and 10.
Just after I did your 8 month post you started sleeping through the night without waking up for a bottle between 3 and 5am. You now sleep from about 8:30-7. It is so nice to be able to get a good nights rest. We are very thankful for this! You still don’t nap real long, but that’s ok, I’ll take long nights over naps.
You had your 9 month appointment and you are right on track. You weigh 19lbs 10oz and are in the 49th percentile for weight and you are 29in tall, in the 77th percentile for height. You now wear 9-12 month clothes. Your head is still in the 99th percentile, but it has started to down curve on the chart. One day you will grow into that noggin! 
You have started army crawling and are all over the place! Although you love that you can get around, you would rather walk. You always want to hold our hand and walk everywhere. You have started pulling yourself up on things and have even turned around and let go a few times. I hope you walk soon.
You still continue to eat anything we put on your tray. I haven’t found one thing that you wont eat. Some of your favorites are blueberries and cheese, just like your sister. You love to eat. Sometimes I have to cut you off because you will sit and eat as long as I keep giving you food. I’m glad you are a good eater. Hopefully you stay this way.
You are so much fun Ryder. Brady and I miss interacting with a toddler and are getting really excited as you are starting to interact more. I always pay attention to the tiniest details and am picking up on some cute little traits that I adore about you.....
You cross your feet a lot when you sit and almost always when you drink a bottle. When I hold you and rock you at night while you drink your bottle your right hand is always wondering, rubbing my arm, pulling your shirt, grabbing your binkie or hitting your bottle. It’s cute. You love your softie. You love balls and stacking cups. You love baths and dirt. You love to swing and you love the dogs. When you see them you say woof woof. You like to cover your face with your softie or a stuffed animal when you sleep.  You also rub your softie on your face when you are tired, or anything else you can grab. You are kind of feisty. When you are doing something you shouldn’t and I continuously tell you no (like eating rocks) you get so mad and squeal and throw yourself forward and throw a little fit. I think you are going to have a temper. You have chunky hands and big, chunky feet. They are almost as big as Quincy’s ever were. You bang things, you kick things, you scream, you grunt, you hit, you poke, you clap, you point. And you whistle.

You are lovable. You are cuddly. You have an adorable giggle. You look me in the eye. You have a sweet, simple smile. You are a good boy Ryder. You are my boy.

Please stay forever.

Love you lots.

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