Monday, December 10, 2012

Month 2


I am slow to get this letter written and you are now closer to 3 months than 2. I must say month 2 has been better than month 1. You continue to be fussy and gassy but not quite as much. I took you off the meds and took you to a chiropractor where she did some cranial sacral massaging and it has helped quite a bit. You are less fussy and gassy than you have been and seem to be a little more pleasant.
I still cannot brag about your sleeping habits as I did in almost every post for Quincy. You're not quite the sleeper she was. You were waking up every 2-3 hours for the longest time but since seeing the chiropractor you are now sleeping 6-7 hours at a time, eating and then going back to sleep for 3 more. I can't complain about that. We are starting to feel a little more caught up on our rest. Although you fight sleep during the day you go to bed without any hassle. It's nice. You are learning to sooth yourself and put yourself to sleep like Quincy did.

This month you have learned to smile. WE LOVE IT! You are not always the most pleasant baby so when we get smiles it makes us really happy. You are starting to smile and coo more and more. I hope that means you are feeling better about life.
first smile picture
The first month you were so unhappy all the time I felt like I didn't know anything about you. As you have become more comfortable I have been learning more about you and feel like I am finally getting to know you. You are an eater! You love love love to eat and it shows! At your 2 month appointment you were 11lbs 1oz and 23 inches. You fill your 3 month onesies out nicely. You are a much bigger baby than I am used to. Q was so petite, but you my boy, are not. You still refuse to nurse which makes me so sad. I love to nurse and was looking forward to sharing that bond with you. But it stresses both of us out every time we try so I pump and you get your bottle.

You do not like a dirty diaper. You are much more pleasant when your bum is clean. You don't like tummy time, but you love baths. Every single time you take a bath you pee. Every time. I'm sure Q did too, I just didn't know it. You are not too much of a binkie baby. If you are are hungry you most definitely won't take a binkie and when you are tired you will take it for a minute than spit it out. You are very persistent and I believe can be a good thing. You will need that ambition as you grow up in this uncertain world.
Ryder, you are quite the boy. You came to us at such a vulnerable time. But your timing was perfect. I have not been a very nice mom as I am still hurting so badly and I have not been very patient with you. I hope you can stay strong and continue to be patient with me. You truly are a blessing to your dad and I and we are falling more and more in love with you the more we get to know you. You must be a special boy to come to our home at this time and we are excited to see who you will become.

Love you lots.

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Tiffany Hebb said...

I cant get over Ryders tiny little face! So cute! Glad hes doing better and your falling more in love. Cant wait to meet him in two weeks! xo